figure my ache

Not really sure of this feeling. Some days I feel okay. On others my heart aches to know everything you keep from me. I want answers to all these debated questions that scroll through my mind daily. I want to know the in and outs, the high and not feel the low all over again.I didn’t do this to me. I didn’t always need more to get through a day.



They asked how did you find love

They asked why did you find love

I had no answer but only one reply

I didn’t find love it found me, when I expected it least,when I was not thinking about it,when it was the right time. It just happened at the right place with the right person and then only I knew it was love. True love.


~Her Brightness shone from within ~

Even when the whole world was at her feet, she looked away. Drank sips from her evening tea as sighs filled her lungs with life that had turned so many sides even mediation seemed dull. The spotlight shone a bit too bright, summer shades and winter scarfs in the warm weather didn’t cover up the brightness that shone from within. It was all to magnificent to be pushed & shoved away. 

Life as ah Box of Prickling Pears 

If life were a box of prickling pears,it would hurt every time I hugged life. It would hurt to eat,drink ,sleep even to think. If life were a prickling pear fear would fear me too. My color would attacrt many bees and yet the fluttering butters would keep away. 
Fear nothing but fear it self, your mind is filled with nothing but illusions. 

Just imagine if you were a pricking pear, fear would fear you too. 

It would hurt, cause you judged the prickling pear your fear has now captivated your mind to believe the pear is pure danger. You have now failed to see the beauty of it the only thing you can see the ugly need of the prickles. It distracts you from the flowers that are blooming next to it. The bright color pink and the purple colored flowers,along with the prickly pear, only if one takes a second look they might see: the true beauty in which this plant has grown in its own unique way. The way the colors contrast the way in which the plants speaks to its self with” I don’t care adttuide” it’s growing no matter if it’s accepted or not it’s not fearing. It’s growing and it’s blooming into a center piece with all the attention. Who would have thought that fear would take away the self voice of the prickly pear ? I would feel so unsecure about its self about so many things that taunted it’s life in the form of fear & anxiety ! Certainly the prickly pear deserves much more creidt than that.