I do not know what it is …. but only what i feel…

But the only thing that will comfort me is a hug form you because it the warmest and I seem to fit perfectly into your arms.

The only thing I want is to…hold on to your hands interlaced with mine, is to squeeze them really hard, is to feel the pressure of your hand compressing against mine.

The things I miss is eating out with you,or dressing up and going for shopping really only coming back with chocolates, watching that one show you like resting my head on you while we cuddled in bed, Falling asleep on your bare chest,randomly hold you in my arms just feeling amazed at the feeling. The feeling of the heart and the stomach put together. The feeling that it was jut the best place be and the best feeling to feel.

I still remember the way you  look at me, and the way my stomach whirls when you are with me. I think I can wait till I see you next, waiting is  a hard thing.


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