expecting exceptions…

Every once in a while we all run across this in our lives, the time where we expected things to be or run a certain way. Most obviously our minds are better at painting our own mental pictures. Which is most likely better than the reality anyway. Cautions to all that expect their own mental picture to become reality. You might be stirring a recipe  for disappointment. Living with a disappointment in your life can be really rough. Then you have to let go of that whole experience of things not going your way. Unless you like gray clouds hanging from over your head pouring down heavily. That’s right, I wouldn’t want that for anyone either. Well lets just say life isn’t perfect butter cup ! Its bound to  throw you rough soft balls at you. Its up to you whether you want to get hit by them or, if you rather just dust yourself off, put on your glove and catch it.In other words learn to accept that the reality was different from what you really wanted. Life gives us experience that are meant to come to us and give us lessons. Even though it may be difficult letting things go can provide great relive to the mind and restore you’re inner peace. On the positive side, the side that I intend to live on you can use it as a experience that will help you grow and its something you can learn from definitely.  – late night thoughts


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